Monday, March 26, 2012

Auschwitz, the most haunted location in the world

In this year I visited Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Poland. It was the worst one of them. Auschwitz was in use during the second world war. Nazis murdered about 1.1 million people in Auschwitz. The victims were mainly jews. Some of them were prisoners of war (about 15 000 of them).

We went first to the Auschwitz 1, concentration and work camp. There we visited the museum. We saw all the shoes, hair, brushes, clothes.. there were rooms full of those things. There was also fabric made of human hair.

We saw some of the human ash. It was in the museum.

We visited one of the gas chambers, the only one that is still there, actually. It was dark, and small. And it is possible to sense the despair, that was one of those places. Mane people have reported of weird noises in gas chamber. People have also captured pictures and videos about strange figures in the gas chamber. Also some of them have noticed cold, moving spots in the air. And some of the visitors have been touched by invisible hands I didn't notice anything unusual in the gas chamber.

 I don't know what is that strange light on the roof. I don't say it is paranormal etc. They just don't have lights in this room.
They have filled the place with flowers and candles, for the memory of those people. And there is also a small shop where you can buy candles and place them to one of the walls. I took some seeds with me and threw them to the grass. Flowers help sprits to calm down, they say.

After that we went to the barrack number 13, the worst barack in Auschwitz. There they executed people by killing them to hunger and it was also the first place where they tested the Zycklon B. They killed thousands of humans in that barack, or in the cellar actually.
When we went down the stairs, I finally noticed something. It was cold, just like in haunted places. I started to hear weird noise from my headphones. It was like screaming, but not very loud. Everyone else noticed it too. When I turned my headphones off, it ended. I could also sense the despair again. Some people unexpectedly started to cry. There was a small room with a large candle. It was to respect the memory of a man who asked to get killed instead a man who had a family. The man he saved by his death survived from Auschwitz alive.

Right after that we went to Auschwitz II Birkenau extermination camp. There they killed most of those 1.1 million people. If you went to Auschwitz I, you had a change to stay alive. If you went to Auschwitz II Birkenau, you had no chance. They killed people right when they arrived.
We walked beside the rail road tracks to the ruins of the gas chambers 4 and 5. I could see the place in my mind. I could tell where was the door to the gas chamber 4. All those things. Just like I had remembered it.. Then I almost started to cry.
The despair was still there. I couldn't help it. I bit my lip not to cry.
Then we walked to the barracks. They were small and cold wooden barracks with small beds in them. If you search, you can find many videos about the spirit in those barracks.

I got one picture of something paranormal. There were barracks in two sides of the  railroad tracks.
The other side was not open for tourists and visitors. But I could clearly see a man in one of the barracks. I took a picture of it with zoom. It looks like it is wearing the white stringed hat of Auschwitz prisoner. Maybe I captured the  famous spirit of Auschwitz? I am sorry about the bad resolution. Also see the orbs around the figure.
(look at the open door of the barrack)
Here is the same one closer. The resolution is really bad, because I zoomed it..
And also notice that the windows have bars, but they can be seen behind the figure, and the bars are so small and there are so many of them, so this is not window bar. You are the judge.


  1. Nic pictures and The last one gave me the chills.

  2. This is amazing.i'd love to visit this place.the emotional energy might be more intense than anywhere on the entire planet.

  3. i had something i would say was paranormal experience in Auschwitz as well

  4. I am going next year. My mother was in a camp. It will be emotional.

  5. very good I would love to go there to see were so many gipsys were murdered by those evil bastards. may there souls rot in hell.

  6. Honestly, I do not see ANYTHING paranormal in the last two photos.

  7. I visited Treblinka, Majdanek, Auschwitz and Birkenau back in 2006, while on a history class trip. Took part in March of the Living (my class was the only Finnish one, and one of the few that weren't Jewish) and let's just say, that experience is something I will never forget.

    Our guide at Auschwitz stuffed my entire class of 20 people inside a very small, pitch-black room that was cold and extremely damp. It was apparently used to drive prisoners insane from claustrophobia, as it was so cramped they had no room to even sit (the constant darkness, cold and dampness contributed to it). ...Since we were there for only around 15-20 minutes, I didn't mind it at all - but prisoners were forced to stay there for days on end.

    As for paranormal experiences, I had none at any of the camps. I actually have some psychic powers (I was able to sense spirits at our cottage until they disappeared one day), but they never alerted me to anything at Auschwitz.

  8. The man who offered his life for the family man was named Maximillian Kolbe, and was a Catholic Franciscan priest. He led his starvation bunker in singing songs together, which the guards reported after the liberation. Kolbe is now a Roman Catholic saint, and my mother has a relic of him, a piece of his rope belt. A good and selfless man.

  9. This was amazing, thank you so much. I have been interested in the Holocaust for years and have read a lot.

  10. I Was there just today and I took 2 pictures in one of the barracks and you can clearly see a baby face and a green bright light that resembles a little girl dress. I dont beleive in this kind of things, but I May change that...

  11. I Was there just today and I took 2 pictures in one of the barracks and you can clearly see a baby face and a green bright light that resembles a little girl dress. I dont beleive in this kind of things, but I May change that...

  12. What happened here can never be changed and all Evil committed here will be remembered by God until judgement day and on that day all will see a just punishment for those who committed these Crimes against humanity

    1. Well that's nice to know. It would have been better had god done something to help the people while they were still alive, however.

    2. Well that's nice to know. It would have been better had god done something to help the people while they were still alive, however.

  13. i miss my idol St. Max. As someone who has been there several times I'd like to say the opinions her are insulting to humanities. First as I have seen again and again they ask you not to photo those pictures out of respect for the victims. And the "person" you saw is the lower stronger post with a smaller one to the ceiling and two bunks together with different wear. I really do think this may be the saddest place on earth and it absolutely can and should be haunted but this is just so disrespectful to the human souls that perished. And goodnight my sweet Saint.

  14. I'm not sure if this is the place for my comment but I wanted to share an incident I had at Auschwitz in March, 2016.
    My Auschwitz tour had about 10 or so people and there were a thousands of others touring the grounds. A fair number of visitors to the memorial in early March.
    We had just left one building in Auschwitz 1 with exhibits and a sign in front of another barracks caught my eye so I stopped and read it.
    I am relatively tall 6'4" and around 250 lbs. so I am conscience of blocking peoples view of things. As I finished reading the sign I felt two taps on my left
    shoulder. I immediately turned to say excuse me and there was no one there. In fact my group had moved 100+ feet away and no one was near me that could have done it.
    I know a tap is nothing considering what happened there but it startled me never having any type of encounter like that.
    I cannot say whether it was a ghost or paranormal activity but I do know there was no one near me that could have done the taps.

  15. I went there in 2002. My knee were shaking for at least 20 minutes. I could not go into the barracks alone-they were too creepy. I definitely sensed the despair.